EKS Brand Beer Goggle Fosty

EKS Brand Beer Goggle Fosty

SKU: 067-06-811

The BEER optics, goggle line was designed with two major factors in mind, function and price. The “DRY BEER” goggle has a general face fit with all of the features needed for excellent dust and debris protection as un-matched comfort.“EVERY THING LOOKS BETTER THROUGH BEER OPTICS!”


    Pliable “Polyflex” urethane frame material contours to your face for the ultimate in comfort and protection.

    The “GOX” frame is equipped with the highest quality, Polycarbonate, shatter resistant anti-scratch & anti-fog coated lens available. It has 100% UVA protection and it is the leader in lens attributes and function.

  • LENS

    The “DRY BEER” moto goggle comes standard with a tinted anti-fog coated, Polycarbonate lens that has 100% UVA protection.

    BEER OPTICS replacement lenses are available in a variety of tints.

  • FOAM

    “Hydrophilic” EO1-5 two layer, fleece lined face-foam forms to the face with an amazing seal and moisture wicking comfort.

    17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam is backed with a moisture wicking fleece lining providing the best anti drip, sweat protection available.


    Adjustable double buckle woven strap is silicone backed for excellent placement and hold.


    Hand wash frame in luke warm water with detergent and fabric softener.

    Air dry only to help prevent foam damage.

    Never machine wash or tumble dry frame.


    Suitable for machine washing after removing outriggers from frame.

    Air dry.


    Rinse away dirt under a luke warm tap.

    Air dry and use supplied bag to remove smudge marks.

    Never rub away dirt on the lens as this will cause scrathing.

    Over time the anti-fog coating inside wear offs so replenish with anti-fog spray if needed.





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